Kathy Fisher (Dip.Dog.Psy) E-mail


Instructor in assertive dog ownership,

obedience skills, agility and flyball

Reiki Practitioner

Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Examiner


Working for the health, welfare and harmonious co-existence
of people and their pets

I have owned and trained dogs for more than 30 years. I have a Diploma in Canine Psychology, a Certificate of Competence in Training Agility and am a registered Examiner for the KC Good Citizen Scheme. I visit owners and their dogs at home,  and complete home checks for a number of rescue and rehoming animal centres. As a Reiki Practitioner I offer Reiki healing to animals to help speed up their recovery after injury, surgery or illness and to aid rehabilitation if they have behaviour problems or suffer with severe stress or fearfulness possibly leading to aggression. I also offer Reiki treatments to people who may have experienced trauma or stress. (See my Reiki page)


My two rescue Border Collies, Megan and Zak came to me with many issues but are now balanced, happy, contented dogs. They have won a number of rosettes in several local flyball competitions whilst being members of a flyball team based in Kent. They also attended agility training at my local dog club and have taken part in local competitions. I now have another rescue dog called Scooby who has come to live with us all the way from Greece. He is a sweet, very sociable dog and has settled in really well - it seems hard to believe after what he's been through. His teeth tell the tale that he had nothing to eat at all and so the enamel didn't grow and he tried to eat stones just to survive, all of which left his teeth in poor condition. He came to us weighing just 10.5 KG and thankfully is now a good weight and is healthy and full of life. We also have Abby who is a Springer/Collie and is the ultimate "live wire" - she is definitely work in progress!


My clicker training skills were learned whilst teaching Megan and Zak and I'm now able to pass those skills on to dog owners who come to me for training. I believe only kind methods of training should ever be employed and recommend and promote clicker training. 


I help owners to develop leadership skills. Animals understand and respond much better to different energy types and levels, and by using this knowledge we can show our canine friends what their boundaries are so they can relax and enjoy life in harmony with us once again.


I'm called upon to help solve behaviour problems in all dog breeds, issues such as food theft, house training, destructive and aggressive problems. Many of my clients are referred to me by local vets, other satisfied dog owners or rescue organisations.