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A Slightly apprehensive dogMegan was 8 months old when we first met her at the rescue centre. She was watching us as we approached her kennel and pushed herself as hard as possible against the fencing, levering her kennel mate out of the way. You could almost hear her saying "pick me, pick me". We fell for her on sight - she's still just as bossy!

We asked to take her for a walk. Within half a dozen steps she had managed to wind the lead completely round our legs. The poor thing was so stressed, so worried and terrified she simply didn’t know what to do. We let her off lead in an enclosed area. She didn’t know what a toy was, wasn’t interested in biscuits and wasn’t at all sure about the grass under her paws.

Megan Relaxing with a toyFollowing a successful home check, we brought her home. After many weeks of care, clicker training and patience, Megan seemed to start enjoying life although she was still very sick during car journeys and very troubled about so many things.

Megan was a very worried little dog and despite our best efforts, she simply didn't seem to be enjoying life, so we decided to find her a friend and adopted Zak. He was quite a mess when he first came to live with us but his presence suddenly brought Megan to life. She became bold and confident, affectionate and so willing to please. We could not believe the difference.



Mega, Chilled Out!No one knows what Megan went through for the first few months of her life and she was always shy of people but I was absolutely delighted at her progress. Megan sadly passed away recently aged 13 years. Rest in peace sweet girl.