Zak’s Story E-mail

Zak, the Border Collie, Calm and RelaxedZak was adopted from a border collie rescue centre at 6 months old having been found on the streets of Ireland.

No one knew anything about him except he was happier if he was with other dogs.

  • He was terrified of the lead and took up a “commando” position. Now he can’t wait to go for a walk or jump into the car.
  • He chased traffic on or off lead – he soon learned by a few corrections that there was no need for this and within two weeks had stopped.
  • He chased and snapped at cyclists and runners, charged at people in the park or on a walk, barking and nipping at their heels. By showing him leadership and introducing him to my rules and boundaries this eventually dissipated.
  • He has a very sensitive digestive system – I tried a number of different foods and eventually found the one that suited him and he has never had any more trouble.
  • Zak, like Megan had no idea how to play with a toy – he has since won rosettes in agility and flyball and achieved his bronze Good Citizen award – what a turnaround!
  • He was terrified of brooms and large sticks and would sprint across the room to get away from them – we worked with him daily using clicker and treats and he now stays quite still while I clear up around him.
  • Zak hated being brushed or having his tail touched. He is still a little unhappy about having his thick bushy tail brushed but as it does take some time, I think he is very tolerant and always gets a treat when its done.
  • He could not be approached or touched by members of the family other than me or any visitors – he would lunge and snap his teeth. He is now a friendly, happy, sociable and contented animal. He helps me with by classes as my demo dog and helps to teach the puppies their manners.
  • He was extremely aggressive at the vet and would only allow a female vet to get near him. I can now trust him 100% at the vet and he is happy to have anyone examine him and simply snoozes in the waiting room until we are called.

Zak in the gardenZak has experienced a number of Reiki healing treatments and it was quite noticeable how he began to calm down after the first three sessions. He has a treatment now and again, especially if he is showing lameness or has a minor injury.

I had no knowledge of his past experiences but had no intention of dwelling on this. All I wanted was to focus on the future. Zak has made incredible progress

He still prefers to take his time in greeting people but by continuing to work with him I know he will continue to live life to the full.

Zak is a living testimony to the fact that with patience, kindness and calm assertive leadership it is possible to show any dog how to live in harmony with us.