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"Calm, well trained dogs who understand the rules and stay within the boundaries that we set, equates to a contented, peaceful and harmonious existence between us and our canine friends"


Kathy-with-Zak-and-MeganIf you'd like help with your dog's behaviour, give me a call - a quick chat could make all the difference and I'll do my very best to help.


I urge you to pick up the phone or email me. There's no obligation and you may find that the annoying behaviour your dog is presenting can be sorted out with very little effort and bring harmony back into your home.


One home visit can provide solutions to many behavioural problems and I offer individual lessons on a one to one basis to work on any particular issues pertaining to your dog.


A dog is never too old to retrain!


Here are some of my happy clients' comments:


I'm so excited about this that I just had to tell you. I have to go upstairs just now to get something quickly (girls already in bed and Mark out). Digger tried to follow me but I did what you said and sent him back down to the hall and told him to stay - and he did!!!!!! First time ever.

Thank you so much for today, I have already been following your advice and it really makes a difference.

See you Monday and thanks again.

Donna Hadsley-Chaplin

p.s. he also has not been near the table in the TV room since this morning. He is keeping a foot away from it at all times.


I would just like to say, that Rupert has been so much better especially when visitors come to the house. Thank you for your wonderful advice. - Lorraine


Hi Kathy,

Thank you so much for your time on Thursday.   We have had visitors this weekend and it has worked really, really well
with no stress!   I cant believe how effective and easy it is.

Thanks again.



It was lovely meeting you and the techniques we are using on Nuka seem to be working, we will continue to use them and hope to see even more of an improvement with her behaviour.

Georgie and Martyn


Thank you for the training course – Dan and I are thrilled with Ruby's progress. It has given us some very useful tips to help her progress in a much more positive way. Amelia, Dan and the very gorgeous Ruby


Thank you very much Kathy, it was invaluable! Regards Karen


Dear Kathy

Thank you for your email and for coming to see us last week. We have put into practice a lot of what you told us and I am pleased to report that Monty is currently sitting on his new bed in the living room very happily.

We have seen an improvement with the car, he now jumps into the boot on occasion.... not every time but it is a massive improvement and we are both making the effort to leave a little extra time in the mornings so that it is less stressful for him.

We will continue to try and implement your suggestions but we all feel a lot happier. Liz and Richard