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Your dog needs to understand your rules and boundaries


Why have home visits?

Behaviour issues often stem from within the home or before the dog was rehomed if he is a “rescue”, and it is difficult to replicate these scenarios during basic dog training classes. One to one sessions allow me to make a full assessment and to really understand why your dog needs help. It is also very beneficial to have a home visit when a new dog comes into your home to provide advice and information to get you started with your new canine friend.

What's covered on a home visit?

To start with there will be questions, discussion and note taking which will give a full and detailed overview of any problems. Topics such as any current health problems, walking on lead, your dog's sleeping arrangements will be included so we can begin to understand the reasons for the unwanted behaviour. You will then be offered initial help and advice to begin the rehabilitation process.


Some doggy "sins" .................


Jumping up

Food stealing

Pulling on lead

Running off with socks

Messing indoors

Jumping on furniture or tables