Your dog needs to know who's boss! E-mail

Learning to be a calm confident leader can easily be achieved during a private lesson or home visit.


Does your dog:-


  • Keep on jumping up at everyone, sometime scratching and knocking people over
  • Respect the cat, rabbit, budgie
  • Jump on furniture and beds when you don’t want them to
  • Charge at other dogs or shows fear aggression towards them
  • Bark constantly
  • Charge at the front door or worse, rushes out when someone calls
  • Live with another dog he doesn’t get on with
  • Have separation anxiety
  • Get car sickness or suffer stress whilst travelling
  • Bark at night
  • Ever poo or pee indoors
  • Bite you or anyone else
  • Have a fear of airplanes, rain or darkness
  • Have a noise phobia for example - traffic, vacuum cleaners, washing machines

All these problems can be alleviated, eased and cured, often in a very short time. I offer a full range of solutions, with visits to your home, private classes and Reiki healing treatments.

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