Sarah's Story E-mail

Sarah and I had known each other since being members of the same choir some years ago but had not had any contact for about 4 years.

We met again at the community recycling plant (of all places!) and after a quick catch up, went our separate ways.

Sarah emailed me out of the blue – I felt she needed someone to talk to and told me all about the incredible struggle she was having with life. As a single person she joined a local dance club and began meeting many people. Unfortunately although her relationships seemed to be very happy, she had been badly hurt several times. Her work life was incredibly stressful as she was regularly bullied and criticized by her manager and didn’t seem to have any support from her employers. At the time of her email to me she was unaware of my ability to offer Reiki healing but was extremely keen to accept my help and promptly booked her first session.

When Sarah walked through my door before the session started, she looked pale, tired and very stressed, her head was low and she seemed to stoop slightly. For the first 20 minutes Sarah talked and talked almost without pausing for breath. I then invited her to sit in my comfy relaxer chair, take off her shoes, put her feet up and completely relax. I put on some lovely soothing music, lit some candles and the whole room started to feel calm.

During a Reiki healing session there is complete peace and harmony in the room. Sarah slept for a short time while the energy worked and afterwards we sat and talked for a few more minutes until she felt ready to leave.

Sarah emailed me when she returned home. She was amazed at how she was feeling even after only one session and made appointments for the other two sessions to complete the initial treatment.

Sarah wrote:

Hi Kathy

Thought I would give you some feedback on how things are since the treatment on Thursday.

Well - I feel I have so much more energy which is fantastic and I have woken up two mornings now feeling much better than I normally do. So that is fantastic. Also feeling a bit more positive about things and all the horrible people who have been unkind to me lately are fading in my mind.

A friend of mine (Pauline) who used to be my manager and is now retired has asked me to pass on your details to her. Do you mind? She feels she would like some Reiki too.

So all good things - I know I have a way to go - Mum and Dad think I look better and Pauline does too!!!

... and after the 3rd session:

Hi Kathy

It is so amazing that we have “popped” into each other’s lives again.

I thought I would let you know that I have taken a huge step and opted to work 2 days every other week.

I will take a huge drop in income but I don’t feel that it is so important as my health. So I feel really focused on what is important and what is rubbish!

So a very big thank you Kathy for re-charging me and sending me along a different path. Who knows what the future holds?

I shall see you for a “top up” soon.

I have recently heard from Sarah who wrote:

Hi Kathy

I’m now moving house to try and improve my lifestyle even further – something I wouldn’t really have had the uumph to do before Reiki - Reiki seems to help one think outside the box!