How Reiki Helped Fruszy E-mail

Fruszy is a beautiful soft white Havanese. She has been used as a breed bitch for 6 years and the breeders decided she was no longer of any use to them. Tracey, who was looking for a companion for her present dog Lulu, came to Fruszy's rescue and took her home.

For this family, it was the beginning of many months of tender care and compassion. Fruszy had been denied any contact with humans other than the breeders, and even that was extremely limited. She was terrified of everyone. She spent her days hiding under Tracey's sofa and behind the chairs. She could not cope with affection, either through being touched, fed tasty titbits or spoken to with gentle words of encouragement.

Tracey wanted to do everything possible to help Fruszy get over her trauma and settle into her new life. Tracey and I discussed how Reiki could help Fruszy on her path to recovery and so the programme of healing began. Initially I offered Fruszy three treatments within a few days of each other. The healing energy had to be sent across the room as she would not allow me to go within six feet of her, let alone touch her. Over these three weeks Tracey kept me up to date and we could both see how this sweet little dog was becoming less stressed and more accepting of her new surroundings.

Fruszy had three more treatments over the next three months; the last one was given whilst she sat on my lap - what a turnaround!

I can now report that the change in this lovely little girl is quite remarkable. She now barks at the door, takes titbits from people who call at the house and has become a more balanced happy dog. Tracey is totally committed to aiding Fruszy's rehabilitation and reintegration into our world, and by bringing in Reiki healing and showing kind but firm leadership, we have achieved the best possible outcome.