How Reiki Helped Milo E-mail

Milo, Relaxed and Enjoying LifeMilo is a lively energetic terrier cross breed. His owner Wendy had heard about Reiki for animals and after making a few enquiries of other dog owners, she met me whilst walking our respective dogs and we discussed Milo’s issues and how Reiki might help.

Milo was basically a lovely boy but he was slightly out of balance which manifested itself in showing teeth and snapping once or twice at home and charging at other dogs, bowling them over sometimes, whilst out on a walk.

Wendy was very concerned that this behaviour, far from getting better, would actually get worse and I was very pleased to be able to assure her that these issues were definitely curable and she could then enjoy her pet and feel relaxed with him once more.

Milo had his first three healing sessions and Wendy began to notice very small changes. I then went back to offer him three more treatments over the next three months.

Wendy was now really beginning to see differences. His initial issues seem to be occurring less and less.

Reiki works very gently and progress will be gradual, but the stress, nervousness and imbalance will continue to improve and the balance in an animal’s life will be restored.

Milo has become an incredibly skilled agility dog. He is fast, accurate and extremely keen. Wendy is delighted with his progress, so much so that she has adopted a new friend for him – a very sweet border collie called Maggie who is also enjoying learning agility - and life in this family is now harmonious and happy. Wendy is a devoted dog owner who continues to show her “pack” great leadership skills.