How Reiki Helped Zak and Megan E-mail

Zak and MeganWhen we adopted Zak and Megan and brought them home we had no idea of the challenges they had in mind for us.

Megan was extremely scared of the everyday sights and sounds we would normally take for granted. Zak seemed completely unable to cope with any part of the life we so wanted to offer him.

Zak had so many issues, even after many months with us, my husband and two sons all wondered if we had made a mistake by bringing him into our home, especially as he was still often showing teeth and attempting to bite anyone who came near him.

After my initiation as a Reiki practitioner, I began practicing my new skills on my family and particularly my dogs. Megan was a year old when we brought Zak into our home and she was very happy to have him as her companion as she was still terrified of so many things. Zak was also extremely grateful for her company and they became great friends very quickly.

After a few Reiki treatments, we began to see very small changes in both Megan and Zak. These were almost imperceptible but one day I thought “Zak hasn’t rushed to the back gate today” or “moving the broom didn’t seem to bother him quite as much as usual”. Over a period of about 6 months the most incredibly calm, chilled dogs began to emerge.

They now lay fully stretched out on the floor and where they would jump up and dart away, we now have to pick our way over them. They are still a little nervous and will always be so. This tends to be part of the breed characteristics. Visitors to the house are greeted with some shyness but never with aggression. Noises never faze either of our dogs. We even take them for their usual evening stroll whilst local firework displays are taking place – Megan and Zak don’t seem to know the fireworks are there!