Adopting a "rescue" dog E-mail
  • All rescued dogs deserve another chance and I am passionate about helping adoptees and their new companion to settle and enjoy life together.
  • You are usually expected to pay a donation to the rescue or rehoming centre to help with their cost.
  • I know it's not easy but try not to be influenced by how cute a dog looks in a kennel.
  • The dogs may have developed difficult issues and behaviours which will need to be addressed. As an experienced dog trainer I can offer specialist training classes for these needy animals. The rehoming centre should give you as much information as possible about the dog and its background.
  • Be aware that a rescued puppy may become much bigger than you first expected, so ask lots of questions about the breed before you decide.
  • Rehomed dogs don’t always make the best pets for a very young family but most adopted dogs can be rebalanced and become very contented and loving family members.
  • All pets can bring unexpected events this is never more evident than when you have sadly lost your “perfect” dog and then take on a complete unknown one with issues you have never come across before.

I have considerable expertise with regard to selecting dogs and would be happy to offer advice and guidance. Please call me if you would like some help in choosing your new pet.