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While every effort will be made to ensure safety and wellbeing, no responsibility will be accepted

by Kathy Fisher for any loss, damage or injury to any persons, pets or possessions whilst on the

premises of Streamside High Street Horam TN21 0EZ or the premises of any client.


Payment for private training sessions shall be by mutual arrangement and 48 hours’ notice is

required for any cancellations except in the case of an emergency.


While dogs are on the Streamside property, it shall be the absolute responsibility of Kathy Fisher

to supervise any bad behaviour in any dog or dogs. It will also be Kathy's sole decision as to

whether any dog may be allowed to run free on the premises. A dog with a particularly serious

problem may be required to leave the vicinity of other members of the group.


Due to the training taking place outside, in adverse weather conditions, Kathy reserves the right

to postpone the lesson.


It is your sole responsibility to clear up after your dog and dispose of this elsewhere. There are

no dog poo bins at Streamside and dog poo bags are not supplied.


Please indicate below and return by the start of the course.to confirm your acceptance of these

terms and conditions