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Emergency and


Private Training Sessions


Do have a problem with your dog that needs urgent attention? Private lessons can be arranged within 24 hours.


These training sessions are a great opportunity to work on specific issues. You can book just one session or several and they can be held at a convenient time for you. Please contact me for more details.



My training course lessons are interesting, informative and fun and are held outside in a natural, open, safe environment.


The aim is for your dog to focus on you and to offer both handler and dog quality one to one time together. I am very happy to welcome the whole family and encourage children to be involved in the dog's training and wellbeing.


  • Instruction is for approximately 40 minutes with socialisation time for about 10 to 15 minutes. If appropriate, dogs can go off lead and are free to play under supervision
  • Fully vaccinated (including Kennel Cough) dogs and puppies are all very welcome (please bring evidence of vaccinations.
  • The main aim of the training is FOCUS - to ask your dog to listen and obey you when there are other distractions close by.
  • We'll teach the dogs obedience skills using clickers (these are not obligatory but are highly recommended) and small treats.
  • You'll learn to show your dog who's the boss and how to solve many behaviour issues which dogs often present to us!
  • Over the weeks you and your dog will have the opportunity to work on a few fun obstacles to help reinforce the listen - watch - obey - reward process.
  • Help and support information is sent out after each lesson to help with your practice sessions.
  • No check or choke chains are permitted. Your dog will need a comfortable collar, ID disc and fabric or leather lead.


SEE BELOW FOR SOME TRAINING CLASS PICTURES - using small obstacles increases the focus skills and one to one relationship between dog and handler!


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